Van Hemert & Co Seeds

              Van Hemert & Co is a wholesale seed company and has been founded in 1876 as seed merchants and breeding company of a wide range of vegetables. In the early days vegetable seeds for local growers were the majority of our business. Gradually we specialized in seeds in pictorial packets for retail outlets in the Netherlands. The breeding of flowers and ornamentals started in 1996. We introduce every year new varieties for both amateur gardeners and professional growers. Varieties that are different and stand out in the garden.

              We export our flower seeds to many countries in the world. Many distributors and seed companies have our varieties in their ranges. Professional growers and home gardeners enjoy growing our varieties. When you look for something different, check out our online seed catalogue. We are a wholesale seed company; when you want to grow our varieties in your garden contact your local seed company, your favorite mail-order company or webshop for more information.


              In the last few years we won six Fleuroselect Gold Medals and introduced more than 50 Fleuroselect novelties and several other varieties, mixtures and species new on the international market. Our job is to breed innovative varieties and to produce top quality seeds for professional growers and hobby gardeners around the globe. We keep on introducing new and exciting varieties every year. All our seeds are GMO free. For the latest introductions see the News & Novelties page.




              Award winning varieties

              We are very happy and proud to announce that we have won again a Fleuroselect Gold Medal for our breeding this year. Silene Sibella Carmine has been awarded after extensive trialing in various countries in Europe.


              Agastache hybrid ‘Astello Indigo’ FSN

              Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2012

              Calamintha nepeta ‘Marvelette Blue’ FSN

              Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2016

              Calendula officinalis ‘Calexis Orange’ FSN

              Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2019

              Cosmos bipinatus ‘Xanthos’ FSN

              Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2016

              Press-Award Plantarium 2015

              Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle Purple’ FSN

              AAS Regional Winner 2017

              Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle Scarlet’ FSN

              Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2017

              Silene pendula ‘Sibella Carmine’ FSN

              Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2020