Coreopsis 'Corusco Cream-Red': yet another Fleuroselect Gold Medal for Van Hemert & Co B.V.

January 2024

Looking for a distinctive, early-flowering plant to style your garden? Coreopsis Corusco Cream-Red from Van Hemert & Co is a true must-have for your garden. Showing many cream with burgundy flowers, this innovative dwarf variety is a very welcome addition to the existing Coreopsis range. Corusco Cream-Red is low-maintenance, attracts bees and butterflies and is drought tolerant. This new winner with striking colour combination and compact plant shape can be enjoyed as of early spring throughout summer. A Gold Medal winner symbolizes a breakthrough in breeding. Our judges praised the unique, eye-catching colour combination and the early flowering habit. This brand-new Coreopsis is not only suited for direct sowing, but also for easy production of young plants in pots and containers.

Seed available as of April 1, 2024. Contact us for more information:


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American Seed Trade Association 2024, Monterey Ca

October 10, 2023

Van Hemert will attend the annual ASTA convention to be held in Monterey, Ca from January 26 - 30. Send us an email at to arrange for a meeting.

Showgarden 2023

July 13, 2023

Our trial field has now started flowering. We invite you to visit our show garden, where you can see our commercial and some experimental varieties.

A visit is by appointment only and subject to availability. Contact us at to set up an appointment. We look forward to show you around our trials.


A yearly International marketing campaign from the Fleuroselect Home Garden Association, designed to boost seed and plant sales volumes to end consumers. An extensive range of new images are freely available for you to use and marketing materials have been produced for you to integrate in your promotional activities.

2023 Year of the Salvia & Sage (

Showgarden 2022

July 5, 2022        

It is that time of the year again! We invite you to come visit our open field trials between July 18th and August 12th. Most of our commercial varieties have been sown for you to see them live!

Note that our field is accessible to our customers only, and only by appointment! Contact us at to arrange a tour of our field trials.


June 2nd, 2022

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All marketing materials can be used in conjunction with our papaver varieties.

Fleuroselect Gold Medal for our Verbena 'Vanity'!

January 28, 2022

Today we learned that Fleuroselect has awarded our Verbena bonariensis ‘Vanity’ FSN (VERBDF) with a Gold Medal: 

“Thanks to its shorter stems, this Verbena bonariensis is clearly compacter than existing varieties. The tight flower clusters have a more intense purple-blue colour and bloom from mid-summer until autumn frost. Vanity offers a long flowering season, attracts bees and butterflies and spreads a subtle fragrance in the early morning and evening.

With its compact growing habit and deep flower colour, Vanity is a welcome addition to the market. This variety is suitable for pot plant production and does not require pinching or the use of PGR. Retailers can offer a continuously flowering Verbena bonariensis in a pot on the bench.

Vanity, a purple breeze for smaller green spaces

Primed seed is now available. Contact us for more information: