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Terms & conditions (short version)

  • All seeds are offered for wholesale only.
  • All prices are ex warehouse, inclusive packaging costs for one packet.
  • Minimum order value per article is € 40.-- / USD 50.-- net. Minimum total order value is € 200.-- / USD 350.-- net.
  • All deliveries and orders are subject to usual crop results and final processing results.
  • Our liability is in all cases strictly limited to the amount invoiced for the seeds.
  • Payment within 30 days from invoice date for established customers. New customers in advance
  • All information is provided without any commitment, any engagement or any liability whatsoever. Information should be considered as guideline only. We recommend trials under your local conditions.
  • © Van Hemert & Co. B.V. It is forbidden to make use of images, information, trademarks etc used on this site without a written agreement 


Our Fleuroselect Novelties (reproduction prohibited.) Novelty-colour - voor site

Agastache hybrida Arcado Pink FSN
Agastache hybrida Astello Indigo FSN – Gold Medal   FS-GOLDMEDAL-LOGO - voor site
Agastache hybrida Asturo White FSN

Antirrhinum majus Lucky Lips FSN

Calamintha nepeta Marvelette Blue FSN – Gold Medal   FS-GOLDMEDAL-LOGO - voor site
Calamintha nepeta Marvelette White FSN

Calendula officinalis Calexis Orange FSN – Gold Medal   Fleuroselect-Gold-Medal-logo-3
Calendula officinalis Calexis Yellow FSN

Centaurea cyanus Classic Fantastic FSN
Centaurea cyanus Classic Magic FSN
Centaurea cyanus Classic Romantic FSN

Coreopsis tinctoria Golden Roulette FSN
Coreopsis tinctoria Roulette FSN

Cosmos bipinnatus Apricotta FSN
Cosmos bipinnatus Capriola FSN
Cosmos bipinnatus Rubinato FSN
Cosmos bipinnatus Xanthos FSN – Gold Medal   FS-GOLDMEDAL-LOGO - voor site
Cosmos bipinnatus Cosimo Collarette FSN
Cosmos bipinnatus Cosimo Purple Red FSN
Cosmos bipinnatus Cosimo Red-White FSN

Cosmos bipinnatus Rosetta FSN
Cosmos bipinnatus Rubenza FSN
Cosmos bipinnatus Xsenia FSN

Dahlia variabilis Sunny Reggae FSN

Helianthus debilis Soluna Lemon FSN

Heliomeris multiflora Sunsplash FSN

Ipomoea purpurea Venice Blue FSN
Ipomoea purpurea Venice Pink FSN

Linaria aeruginea Lindeza Violet FSN
Linaria maroccana Licilia Azure FSN
Linaria maroccana Licilia Peach FSN

Lupinus hartwegii Avalune Lilac-White FSN
Lupinus hartwegii Avalune Red-White FSN

Mirabilis jalapa Marbles White-Red FSN

Nemesia denticulata Isetta Blue FSN
Nemesia denticulata Isetta Pink FSN
Nemesia denticulata Isetta White FSN

Nepeta nervosa Nevita White FSN

Nepeta subsessilis Blue Panther FSN
Nepeta subsessilis Snow Panther FSN

Nicotiana hybrida Starlight Dancer FSN

Papaver rhoeas Amazing Grey FSN
Papaver rhoeas Bridal Silk FSN

Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Coral FSN
Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Purple FSN
Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Scarlet FSN – Gold Medal   Fleuroselect-Gold-Medal-logo-1

Phlox drummondii Cherry Caramel FSN
Phlox drummondii Sugar Stars FSN

Silene pendula Sibella Carmine FSN – Gold Medal   Fleuroselect-Gold-Medal-logo-2
Silene pendula Sibella Lilac FSN
Silene pendula Sibella Pink FSN
Silene pendula Sibella White FSN

Tropaeolum majus Cream Troika FSN
Tropaeolum majus Orange Troika FSN

Zinnia elegans Macarenia FSN
Zinnia elegans Mazurkia FSN
Zinnia elegans Zinderella Lilac FSN
Zinnia elegans Zinderella Peach FSN
Zinnia haageana Soleado FSN