Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle’

Type  First-year-flowering perennial
Use Landscaping, Border plant
Height 70-90 cm / 28-35 in.
Flowering season June - September, summer

Twizzle is a first-year-flowering Penstemon series consisting of five beautiful colours and a mixture. All have a natural and elegant plant habit and an excellent garden performance. The plants have strong upright stems and long airy spikes with tubular flowers. Twizzle adds height and elegance to annual and perennial borders and can be used in various creative landscaping combinations. This Penstemon series is pollinator friendly; it attracts many kinds of bees and hummingbirds. Well-established plants in the garden are fairly drought tolerant and winter hardy.

Growers can grow Twizzle as a cool crop and also outside, for a long sales season. When started from an autumn sowing the plants will flower in spring and early summer; the plants will bloom from a spring sowing in summer and late summer without vernalisation. Twizzle can be marketed as a premium plant in 12-18 cm / 4-7 in. containers.

Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle Blue’ FSN

Outstanding intense blue flowers for an impressive display. Some flowers are slightly tinged with violet. Fleuroselect Novelty 2020.

Fleuroselect-Approved-Novelty-logo  New Flower Variety-1


Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle Coral’ FSN

Elegant spikes of delicate coral pink flowers. Fleuroselect Novelty 2017.


Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle Purple’ FSN

Graceful flowers in a pretty purple colour. Flueroselect Novelty 2017. AAS Regional Winner 2017: Heartland and Southeast.

AAS Regional Winner  Fleuroselect-Approved-Novelty-logo

Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle Scarlet’ FSN

Twizzle Scarlet produces strong stems and spikes with tubular flowers in a vivid scarlet colour. Fleuroselect Novelty 2016. Gold Medal winner 2017.

Fleuroselect -Gold MedalFleuroselect-Approved-Novelty-logo

Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle White’ FSN

Stately plants with creamy white flowers for contrast in the border. Fleuroselect Novelty 2020.

Fleuroselect-Approved-Novelty-logo  New Flower Variety

Penstemon barbatus ‘Twizzle Mix’

Mixture of all five colours.