SEED CATALOGUE/Papaver rhoeas

Papaver rhoeas

Type Hardy annual
Use Border Plant Landscaping
Height 40-60 cm / 15-25 in.
Flowering season June - September, summer

Common Poppy, Corn Poppy, Field Poppy, Klatschmohn, Coquelicot, Grote klaproos

Poppies are easy direct-sow hardy annuals ideal for adding colour to borders in early spring. Papaver rhoeas can be sown in autumn as the seedlings will overwinter and flower early in the next spring. It is a plant that grows in all conditions. Traditional favourite for cottage and natural gardens with delicate flowers.

Papaver rhoeas ‘Amazing Grey’ FSN

With this new variety you will get poppies in various shades of grey in your garden: from silver grey to slate blue, sometimes with a red blush, and some flowers have a white edge. The single and ruffled half-double poppies create impressive grey clouds in the border, but every of these clouds has a silver lining. Fleuroselect Novelty 2018.


Papaver rhoeas ‘American Legion’

This heirloom variety is also called ‘Legion of Honor’. Large, bright red poppy with a clear white cross in the centre of the flower.

Papaver rhoeas ‘Bridal Silk’ FSN

Did you ever see a field of white Poppies? Now it is possible. Bridal Silk is something completely different than the usual red corn poppy or the mixtures. Delicate pure white flowers with creamy yellow anthers gives a stunning view when sown drifts. Fleuroselect novelty 2008.

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Papaver rhoeas ‘Mother of Pearl’

Poppies in a lovely mixture of misty and subtle shades. The late Sir Cedric Morris, painter and gardener, selected and presumably named years ago this mixture of pale and smoky colours as grey, lilac, mauve, pink, soft orange and white. And various flowers with flecking in the same tones and some delightful picotees. It is one of the most subtle poppy mixtures to grow in your garden.

Papaver rhoeas ‘National Mix’

Cheerful mixture of bright red and white poppies. A beautiful combination for sowing in large borders and landscapes, for a poppy-field in your favourite or national colours.

Papaver rhoeas ‘Pandora’

Unique and truly impressive poppy. Pandora blooms in a phenomenal and surprising combination of shades, from the deepest burgundy red to pinkish-red all with silver-grey stripes on the lower petals. During the flowering season the colours change gradually.