Type Annual
Use Border Plant Landscaping
Height Various
Flowering season June - September, summer

Flowering Tobacco, Ziertabak, Tabac d´ornement. Nicotiana has wonderful species for the garden. Many are high growing annuals with fragrant white or green flowers. The high growing species are beautiful accent plants in the back of the border, or can be used as height divider in mix borders with other annuals. All Nicotiana are poisonous.

Nicotiana Green Magic Mix

Fascinating mixture of 3 Nicotiana species, all green flowers: N. knightiana, N. langsdorffii and N. paniculata. The species differ in height, habit and leaf colour, but as mixture or planted together they add magic to the garden. See catalogue for details about the species. Height: 150-180 cm / 60-70 in.

Nicotiana alata ‘Grandiflora’

Very showy and very fragrant Nicotiana. The 10 cm / 4 in. long, cream-white, tubular flowers open in the evening and spread a delightful scent. Plant or sow them close to your evening reading chair or walkway to enjoy the fragrance during the summer evenings. Height: 70-90 cm / 28-35 in.

Nicotiana hybrida ‘Starlight Dancer’ FSN

Starlight Dancer is a hybrid with long stems and small white bell-shaped flowers. It looks like a white-flowered Nicotiana langsdorffii. Fantastic variety as high eye-catcher in mixed borders and large containers. Wonderful fragrance in the evening. Height: 70-90 cm / 28-35 in. Fleuroselect Novelty 2017.


Nicotiana knightiana

One of the Nicotiana species with green flowers. The plants are upright growing and very well branched. They will be loaded in summer with 2.5 cm / 1 in. long tubular flowers in the same chartreuse-green colour as N. langsdorffii. The leaves and stems are like N. langsdorffii slightly hairy and sticky. Height: 60-80 cm / 25-32 in.

Nicotiana langsdorffii

Well known Nicotiana for it’s unusual flowers. Airy plant with upright stems with chartreuse green flowers as small nodding bells. Beautiful and interesting addition to mixed borders as it cannot be compared to any other plant. Height: 70-90 cm / 28-35 in.

Nicotiana paniculata

A great Nicotiana with green flowers. Plant makes large hairy grey-green leaves and a high upright growing stem with a loose raceme of tubular flowers in two shades of green. Quite unique plant, solitary or in small groups, as architecturally vertical element in the garden. Height: 150-180 cm / 60-70 in.

Nicotiana suavolens

Special Nicotiana for small groups in mixed borders, next to Nicotiana langsdorffii. Long slender stalks with nodding flowers grow from a base of mid-green leaves. Slight sweet fragrance in the evening and early morning. Height: 60-80 cm / 25-32 in.

Nicotiana sylvestris

One of the most striking and robust Tobacco. Tall plants are excellent eye-catchers in the back of the border. Some shade is not a problem. The large white flowers have a wonderful scent. Height: 150-180 cm / 60-70 in.