Nepeta subsessilis ‘Panther’

Type  First-year-flowering perennial
Use Bedding plant Border Plant Containers
Height 30-50 cm / 12-20 in.
Flowering season June - September, summer

Catmint, Katzenminze, Menthe des chats. This beautiful perennial catmint which fit very well in annual production schedules. Compact and well-branched plants feature dense flower spikes with large flowers. Nepeta subsessilis has the largest flowers of all Nepeta. Both colours are easy to grow in cool conditions and excellent choice for small pots and large containers. Panther varieties start to flower 15 weeks after sowing. The flowers attract many bees and butterflies. Aromatic foliage.

Nepeta subsessilis ‘Blue Panther’ FSN

Very well-branched plants with clear blue flowers. Fleuroselect Novelty 2014.

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Nepeta subsessilis ‘Dark Blue Panther’

Strong plant with dark blue flowers.

Nepeta subsessilis ‘Pink Panther’

Elegant variety with clear pink flowers.

Nepeta subsessilis ‘Snow Panther’ FSN

Snow Panther is the first white Nepeta subsessilis and completes the Panther series. Fleuroselct Novelty 2021.

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