Commelina tuberosa ‘Ouverture Mix’

Type First-year-flowering perennial
Use Border Plant Landscaping
Height 50-80 cm / 20-32 in.
Flowering season June - September, summer

Dayflowers can be grown easily as an annual as it will flower in two months after sowing. Tender perennial in northern areas. The plant make in the first year 50 cm / 20 in. long knobbly stems with oblong leaves and several flowers which last for just one day. However next morning there are plenty new flowers again and each plant produces many flowers throughout the summer. Beautiful border plant for partly shade and full sun on moist soils. Also available in separate colours: ‘Ouverture Blue’, ‘Ouverture Lilac’, ‘Ouverture Violet’ and ‘Ouverture White’.

Commelina tubersa Ouverture Mix 8 393 Commelina tuberosa 'Ouverture Mix'


Commelina tuberosa ‘Ouverture Blue’

Commelina tuberosa ‘Ouverture Lilac’

Commelina tuberosa ‘Ouverture Violet’

Commelina tuberosa ‘Ouverture White’