Alonsoa meridionalis ‘Coral Beauty’

Type Annual
Use Border Plant Landscaping
Height 80-120 cm / 32-47 in.
Flowering season July - October, late summer till frost

Mask flower. Wonderful plant for sowing or planting in drifts in a high border. The long branches carry many bright orange flowers with contrasting yellow stamens. The plants keep on growing and flowering until the first frost in October knocks them down.

Alonsoa warscewiczii ‘Starlets’

Type Annual
Use Bedding plant Border Plant Containers
Height 40-50 cm / 16-20 in.
Flowering season July - September, late summer

Mask flower. Gorgeous and vivid mixture of all kinds of pink and scarlet tones. The plants have dark green pointed leaves and bear racemes with five lobed flowers. Long flowering season. Alonsoa is a fine companion plant in borders and containers.